5 tips for a good online registration for your event

HeyForm makes it easy to create forms for online registrations for events, dinners, weddings, etc. In many cases, the design of the invitation can directly determine how many participants you get for the event you are planning.

Here are 5 tips to make your event and online registration more interesting for all invited participants.

1. Start your invitation with a short teaser

The first 3 sentences of your invitation are by far the most important in terms of getting the respondent interested. Make sure the introduction contains short powerful sentences that make people want to know more and read on.

2. Include video if possible

If you have the opportunity, it is often very rewarding to include a video clip from, for example, previous events in the introduction of the invitation. Videos always attract a lot of attention and in this case, can make the participant even more interested in attending the upcoming event.

3. Keep the details short and to the point

Another very important detail is the presentation of important information such as the date and time, location, possible costs, special information, etc.

Keep this information slightly separated from the introductory text so that you can clearly see these details even if you quickly glance through the invitation. Unclear details about your event make the participant uncertain and will likely result in a no response.

4. Include links to more detailed information

If you have a need to provide more detailed information about your event, such as the agenda, program, etc., it is a good idea to post this information outside the invitation itself and then link to the article or document in the invitation.

Too much information in the registration process may cause the participant to drop out before they get down to the form. Show the highlights of the program in the invitation rather than all the details directly.

5. Don’t forget to inform me about offers etc

If you will be offering food, giveaways, seminars, etc., make sure it is clearly stated in the registration. Such offers are very effective in attracting more participants to your event.

Take the opportunity to share a few of the things or experiences that attendees will receive and tell them about a few “surprises” to further raise expectations.