Click-baiting goals in marketing

Attention is the currency on the Internet. Lurid teasers in particular encourage users to click on an article. Targeting emotions while generating curiosity works best.

News portals in particular are after a high click-through rate (CTR) in order to be able to place as much advertising as possible. After all, they usually charge in page impressions (PI).

Typical clickbait phrases

  • THIS is what you must not miss under any circumstances
  • Top 10 XY.
  • Number 11 will blow your mind.
  • This story is unbelievable!
  • What’s happening here is staggering!
  • The best/greatest/impossible‚Ķ.
  • This woman was out for a walk when suddenly something unbelievable happens.
  • SHOCK! What this woman finds is hilarious
  • Actually, this man just wanted to go to the bathroom!
  • What happens afterward will surprise you!

The future of click-baiting in marketing

Especially for viral marketing campaigns, click-baiting is very popular. This is understandable because clicks are the most important currency. Especially to be able to sell advertising space.

Those who use click-baiting usually get a lot of clicks. But while simple content can be marketed well in this way and inflated with traffic in the short term, retention and dwell time fall by the wayside. In addition, the user becomes increasingly dull and the clickbait techniques used increasingly come to nothing.