How to optimize conversions?

If you haven’t yet integrated a lead generation process into your website, the sooner you start, the better. A/B tests can be used to gradually optimize conversions. Because maybe a red call-to-action works better than the blue one? And maybe more people will sign up for your newsletter if the form is at the top of the page instead of at the bottom? The options for optimizing conversion rates are very fine-grained, so you can test them against each other as you go. In general, a “good” conversion rate on the website is between 1-3% and on a landing page between 40-50%. Here too, and especially in the case of landing pages, professional marketing software such as HeyForm supports you with sophisticated A/B tests.

And now? Continue in the lead management process

Lead generation is the first of four steps within the lead management process. Now it’s time to learn more about your newly acquired contacts than just their email address. This allows you to gradually personalize communications so that you can always send your recipients the most relevant information and offers. Finally, when the contact is “sales-ready”, you can automatically hand it over to your sales team.