Is the Customer Effort Score displayed in the evaluation?

Yes, if you ask your customers an evaluation question in a survey to determine the Customer Effort Score, the results will show you the amount of the score. The Customer Effort Score is calculated by dividing the sum of the evaluation points by the number of answers, so the CES is an average value. To have the Customer Effort Score displayed, click on “Results” in the left menu area “Evaluation” in the tool during or after completion of the survey and then on the corresponding question. The average value shows the amount of the Customer Effort Score.

By the way: To make it easier for you to determine the CES, the HeyForm form builder software already has two ready-made CES question types in the standard elements. You can choose between a five-step and a seven-step scale to determine the CES. Of course, you can adapt the questions individually.

Detailed information on how to determine the Customer Effort Score, CES use cases, and a CES questionnaire template can be found here: Form Templates