Retargeting in the B2B environment: is it worth the effort?

In the B2B environment, leads are the measure of all things and the basis for good business. All the more annoying when website visitors don’t bite immediately. Remarketing helps you bring back target customers who seem to have gone missing. Is it worth the effort? Meaning With retargeting, you can bring back visitors to your… Continue reading Retargeting in the B2B environment: is it worth the effort?

Click-baiting goals in marketing

Attention is the currency on the Internet. Lurid teasers in particular encourage users to click on an article. Targeting emotions while generating curiosity works best. News portals in particular are after a high click-through rate (CTR) in order to be able to place as much advertising as possible. After all, they usually charge in page… Continue reading Click-baiting goals in marketing

How to optimize conversions?

If you haven’t yet integrated a lead generation process into your website, the sooner you start, the better. A/B tests can be used to gradually optimize conversions. Because maybe a red call-to-action works better than the blue one? And maybe more people will sign up for your newsletter if the form is at the top… Continue reading How to optimize conversions?